White Claw Watering Hole - Regions Tradition
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White Claw Watering Hole

What is the White Claw Watering Hole? We’re glad you asked.

Our version of the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open, the White Claw Watering Hole is the place to see and be seen. Centrally located at the Par 3 10th Hole, it is the tournament’s hot spot with great golf viewing that’s really close to the action. How close? It’s borderline dangerous…well, only on our Pro-Am day. Seriously though, you can’t get any closer without caddying. The White Claw Watering Hole has a lively atmosphere and a variety of unique food and beverage options. Best of all, most of the tents at the White Claw Watering Hole require no special pass to get in, are open to the public, and all ages are welcome!


The White Claw Watering Hole’s public access venues include the White Claw Wave Bar, Chateau Souverain Wine Lounge, The Beer Deck , and The Tito’s Terrace. With these venues, just feet from the action, the roars from the gallery will come early and often.


At The Tito’s Terrace, customize your Bloody Mary to kick the day off right or maybe try a refreshing Tito’s Mule, there are lots of great options to choose from here. Or maybe you want to enjoy some ice cold beers…is there any better way to spend an afternoon than sipping on an ice cold brewski while watching some of the game’s legends attack a par 3? No, there really isn’t. But maybe wine is more your thing? Maybe you want to Rosé the day away in the Chateau Souevrain Wine Lounge? The Wine Lounge offers comfortable, lounge style seating and a variety of refreshing wines.


Looking for a more upscale, all-inclusive option? Contact Tyler Haskins for more information on the Cocina Club! Food and beverage are included in the cost of a ticket, and you’ll have access to a private courtyard to enjoy the action, private air conditioned viewing area and private restrooms.


There is also a public grandstand at the tee if you’re looking for a different vantage point.


Lastly, don’t forget we have a rideshare lot just steps from the clubhouse so it is really easy to party responsibly.