Destinations - Regions Tradition
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White Claw Cheers

White Claw Wave Bar

Come ride your wave at the White Claw Wave Bar. Fresh flavors and top tier action at the 10th Tee. Surfboard not included.

The Tito’s Terrace

Grab a delicious specialty cocktail and hang out with friends at Tito’s Terrace. This lively atmosphere will not disappoint.

blank beer cup cheers

Beer Deck

Sip on a cold one or grab a bite to eat at the Beer Deck that overlooks the 10th Hole, the perfect spot to cool off with a cold beer.

Chateau Souverain Wine Lounge

The perfect place to unwind is in the Chateau Souverain Wine Lounge. Enjoy your favorite wine, kick back and watch golf up close and personal.

Chateaue Wine Lounge

Looking for a more upscale, all-inclusive option, check out the Cocina Club. Food and beverage are included in the cost of a ticket, and you’ll have access to a private courtyard to enjoy the action, private air conditioned viewing area and private restrooms.

For more information about the Cocina Club,  contact Tyler Haskins at [email protected]


Greystone Golf and Country Club Member Deck

Enjoy access into Cellar 91 and the Back Patio, as well as the best view available for the concert on Saturday.